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A male. Most probably a spick, with abs and also says douchebag words like: "chill" "ight" "all shweat bro" "i cant talk now, gotta go do abs".
Once dug a hole but go seven blisters and cried about it for two weeks.
Also dry humps for hours and if you can convince him enough... He will suck the shit out of a girls nipples.

Friend: dude the hole is finished, lets go to this party.

Brennen: fuck that man i have blisters

Friend: cmon we told those bitches we would go

Brennen: fine but its the last time i dig wholes with u, fuck off

Friend: u fckn trench master i feed u and u act like a huge dick about two blisters. U bitch.


Douche: yo man it went amazing with that chick last night

Friend: what happened?

Douche: she gave me a handy and we dry humped

Friend: what do u mean you dry humped?

Douche: for like two hours dude

Friend: u trench master fuck did u at least suck her nipples dry?

Douche: nah man, next time tho i promise!
by Cougars#5 October 31, 2013
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