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One of the shittest and most annoying things on the internet. First seen in january, 2016. In february, 2017, it went viral, and began to invade all over the internet. You can see at least one comment with this bird in facebook pages. There are numerous pages and groups created about this. Also there are millions of protesters around the world.
Dumbass: *Puts trash dove sticker*
Me: Goddamn it enough with this trash dove bullshit! Go fuck yourselves!
by CWProkiller February 19, 2017
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It's a pack of stickers that was giving out free. They are for Facebook comments and were first popularized in Thailand. But the one purple Floppy Bird gif became a symbol two flag regressive left comments. Conservative people and normies use them on pages such as occupy Democrats. Some of these birds have been drawn into alt right memes but the trash dove still remains widely used by normies.
Look at this stupid post about somebody telling me to use gender-neutral pronouns. I will just leave a trash stuff Floppy Bird GIF here. Then another trash dove will be left by someone who agrees with you that it is insane garbage. A third person will then like your trash stuff and add his own trash dove.
by LordViper March 05, 2017
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According to Knowyourmeme:
"Is a set of Facebook stickers featuring a large-eyed purple pigeon in various situations, the most notable of which is an animated sprite of the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down. Shortly after its debut on Facebook in January 2016, the purple dove sticker set quickly became a viral subject of photoshopped parodies and image macros on the social media.
It was created by Florida artist and Adobe creative resident Syd Weller’s “Trash Doves” sticker set officially made its Facebook debut and then added on January 31st, 2017, which included an animated emoji of a headbanging pigeon." As early as on February 7th, the sticker suddenly went viral in Thailand as a joke someone morphed it into another image making it look like a purple dick flopping around. Eventually 4chan got a hold of it and decided to turn it into an alt-right symbol. The prank was a success, media outlets referred to it as a racist symbol and people with alt-right leanings adopted it as using it as a symbol for "purple crayon" or referring to anything sexual or sexual violence perpetrated by an african american male because it looks so much like a BBC flopping around and the fact it was used in thailand in a similar manner (animals with paws). Later on, info about the 4Chan prank caught on and now everyone uses it (not just alt-right people) to describe anything perverse or drunken stupidity, as in "trashed dove" .
I read that article about that rape that happened last week that you posted on facebook, what is up with all the Alt-right posts in the comments section?
What do you mean?
There was all these trash dove stickers being posted all over as a response!
by mr. mike March 28, 2017
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