As above, trap one, trap two etc. is a method of labelling individual toilet stalls in a row of lavatory cubicles by analogy with racing traps in a greyhound track. Numbering must follow the racing example so looking from the front, the rightmost cubicle is trap one, the one to the left of it is trap two etc so that the numbers read left to right for the 'racers'.
'was that you in trap one this morning? I thought someone had opened fire with a machine gun'
by Maomaor October 12, 2022
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To trap or to listen to trap music all day.
My day was rather trapful.
by djveetwentythree April 10, 2015
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On the day 8/8 we all trap all people named Dorothy inside of anything,Rooms,Basements,Bathrooms, just anything.
,,Hey! let's trap Dorothy somewhere today! it's national trap a Dorothy day!''
by Evanushka August 8, 2022
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A Charlie trap is a person who hasn't grown since they were 10 years old, and they could easily dress like a girl and get away with it, thus being a trap.
Mike: Dude that girl is probably a charlie trap.

Dylan: Really? That would make sence.
by MichaelsParkingLot April 15, 2017
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