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Trap rap
The art of rapping in a trap.
Timmothy fell into a trap made by Dr. Wad, the evil anti-rap doctor. Timmothy, who was fluent in ebonics and rhythm, began to rap so loud and so fresh that a ladder fell from the rap heavens, with a Post-It note on it saying

"Nigga you gon' ride out like lighting on that flow, brah. Keep it goin' an' you outa dis' here hole! Nigga you bes' be poppin dat Ciroc and sprite nigga, cause you gon' be gettin' some big booty hoes fo' days bruh! Keep it trill nigga', Lil' Snupe be seein' ya when ya' overdose. Peace!"

Timmothy then began flowing like there was no tomorrow, claiming he was "ridin' in that paddy wagon, cuffs locked on wrists" as he came up, then "taking the knife off the AK' guttin' these niggas". Meanwhile, Dr. Wad began to die a slow and painful death, as Timmothy had his skin hue begin to darken to a Gucci Mane black, screaming out those rhymes, and referencing K Dot.

After this amazing show of courage, flow, rhythm, and penile size, Trap rapper Timmothy got shot twice over a Wii game, "Super Mario Cart" and was then laid to rest with two holes in his head.

R.I.P. Timmothy.
by Swaggeti December 05, 2013
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