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A (usually male) person attracted to (usually MTF) transsexuals. The transsexuals usually have been on hormones for an extensive period of time and have a mostly female body shape (and gender identity), except that they also have a penis. Transsensuals are sometimes referred to pejoratively as tranny-chasers.

See transsexual, transgender, shemale.
Mike likes shemale porn, Bob loves penises and is dating a MTF transsexual who also loves her penis. Mark and Bob are both transsensuals.
by Transsexual Transsensual August 30, 2005
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Increasingly used to describe <i>anyones'</i> attraction to <i>any</i> trans-person, primarily referring to transsexuals (M2F/F2M), though many forms of gender variant may be spoken of.

Serviceable, but not currenty considered "the final solution" in describing attraction to trans-persons, largely due to its vague inability to describe what it means <i>without</i> someone explaining its definition, as well as the "tranny-chaser" connotations surrounding the word.

This word, along with transsexual, are frequently being spelled "transensual," and "transexual," as a vestige of earlier trans-person reclamation attempts.
I'm a <i>transsensualist</i>, I enjoy dating gender-queer persons.

Oh, I'm a <i>transsensual</i> transexual. I only date other trannies.
by Demi Ma November 09, 2006
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