a high school art teacher who commutes to nyc every weekend to get gang banged. also known as "conducting the train." Just as he conducts his art class, he conducts a pretty steady train as well.
"Wow I am pretty sure the teacher hit on me in art class."
"I am not surprised that guy is a total train conductor"
by xxbaldartteacherxx December 6, 2009
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A woman who takes penises in multiple orifices at the same time. Esentially, a gang bang recipient.
A few train conductors are in the locker room, playing with some choo choos.
by Finchard November 9, 2005
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When the female lays on the bed, legs open. And you start on the other side of the room naked and ready, take a run up, jump, and sail through the air with your dick aiming for the vagina. Then you conduct the train in and out of the station as neccesary.
by TeaBreakDave October 31, 2018
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One that can command a lot of girls or a group of girls to do his or her bidding.
Jeff is Club Vanguard's Ho Train Conductor.

All the girls in the club flock Jeff because he's the Ho Train Conductor
by Richard Jay September 20, 2006
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