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A wannabe goth, who doesn't actually succeed at the "goth" look and ends up looking like trailer trash.

Usually seen wearing wide Hot Topic pants with neon stitching and chains random intervals placed around the waist (1), some form of black band shirt (2), fingerless black gloves, orange flip flips or black platform boots. They are also usually fat, ugly, have horribly died pink or blue hair, a pus-filled acne face, and very badly applied eyeliner(3).

Other optional instructions to obtain the look: Don't shower. Try to make your body odor as sickening as possible.

This look is very difficult to maintain if you actually look in the mirror before leaving the house.

Trailer Trash Goths are otherwise known as "kindergoths" or "mallgoths."

(1) Pants occasionally high-waters, or "flooding," especially when worn with the platform boots.
(2) The Strokes, the Ramones, etc.
(3) The eyeliner is optional, but if it is worn, it must be in excess and incredibly smudged. If some sort of design around the eye is attempted with said eyleiner, such as tear drops or aesthetic curls, the proper tools must NEVER, EVER be used, and the eyeliner pencil must ALWAYS be extremely blunt. The design MUST always look a two year old scribbled across the goth's face while he/she was asleep.
When in the mall: "OH MY GOD, I see a large black trench-coat and torn fishnets under those high-water Hot Topic pants! Trailer trash goth alert. Steer clear, repeat, steer clear."


"No, we can't eat at the foodcourt. It's right next to the Hot Topic--if we go there we'll never be able to get the trailer trash goth stench out of our cute/fashionable/real goth/preppy/designer clothes.
by Neda April 29, 2005
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A terribly unsuccessful attempt at the goth look that leaves the wearer looking a few chromosomes short. This most often occurs amongst A. those who are too poor to spend more than a dollar on any look (and in fact, probably do live in trailers) and B.yuppie puppieswho most likely got distracted by the shiny chains in Hot Topic on their way to J. Crew.
Parker and Tiffanie are a very happy trailer trash goth couple. Tiffanie's black eyer liner has now made it's way down to her lips so as to distract people from the bruises her second baby's daddy gave her when he came for a visit. Parker looks just a bright in his black pants with the attached chains topped off with his father's sweatervest.
by lacoste_lover September 28, 2005
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