Men who remain single past 40*.

They can be grouped in following two broad categories:

1) Those who are always looking for the next best thing, due to some underlying issue that prevents them from forming a long term relationship. OR,
2) The ones who have a Peter Pan complex and just never want to grow up.

Most of these toxic bachelors seriously consider settling down once they have a mid-life crisis and see the writing on the wall. Then they try to get married in a hurry to have kids, and to ensure their own immortality through their offspring.

*40 is a race-dependent number. Asians can be considered toxic bachelors if they remain single past 31.
George Clooney is a glorified toxic bachelor.
by TheKeyur February 9, 2012
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Worst men around. They are liars, cheats, users and abusers. Toxic bachelors are expert players and will always lie to women and to whom ever to get what they want. They will often use the same pick up lines and rely heavily on their looks and fake charm to attract women. Extremely shallow and only care about physical appearances. Toxic bachelors are typically good looking, well dressed and are usually salesmen. They usually travel in pairs and refer to each other as dude.
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the Wedding Crahers, Vince in Swingers, any Vince Vaughn movie character is a toxic bachelors.
by Flossy Flew April 20, 2006
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