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Also known as the minivan. A variation of the shocker. two in the pink, five in the stink.
Hey, your girlfriend is walking funny. That's because I gave her the town and country last night.
by Gonzo Leboutier July 20, 2008
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A Motor Vehicle made by Chrysler for people who simply cannot drive well. This includes but is not limited to driving slow, not using turn signals, turning off the engine while at a stop light (or a drive thru), continually varying speed for no reason, not paying attention, driving in the turning lane for a prolonged period of time, and tailgating. It is a generally accepted opinion that most drivers of the Town and Country are most likely mentally impaired in some way.
I just got Town and Country-ed at the drive thru, I almost threw some harsh verbs down.
by F4NZI July 29, 2013
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" was a total disaster. I forgot my wallet, so i circled back to the apartment and accidentally walked in on Jorge and Slippery Pete in the town and country.
by the deputy mayor March 14, 2008
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