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Long, continuous (unbroken) string(s) of male ejaculate as it is pumped from the male penis during climax-- thereby giving the impression of a white piece of rope.

Sometimes known as "hot ropes" or, "The ropes."

Not to be confused with the 'normal' male ejaculation of small "globs" of seminal fluid. To "Toss a Rope" is not a commonplace occurrance, and is generally associated with an intense and powerful orgasm. An above average climax might contain two or three good-sized "ropes." Experts advise abstaining from sex for 24-48 hours to build an above average "load" to create a scenario whereby one could, "Toss a Rope." Because of the intensity of the orgasm (and build-up of cum), "ropes" normallly travel greater distances than the average ejaculation-- thereby creating the opportunity to "Toss a Rope.
"I have such a back-up of cum in my balls, I know I'm really gonna toss a rope tonight."

"Man, I came hard! I tossed a rope right across the bridge of her nose!"

"dude... I hadn't fucked my girl in two days... so when I finally fuck'in came, I pulled out and tossed a rope across her belly. There was jizz everywhere!"
by lajonc October 06, 2006
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