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Long, continuous (unbroken) string(s) of male ejaculate as it is pumped from the male penis during climax-- thereby giving the impression of a white piece of rope.

Sometimes known as "hot ropes" or, "The ropes."

Not to be confused with the 'normal' male ejaculation of small "globs" of seminal fluid. To "Toss a Rope" is not a commonplace occurrance, and is generally associated with an intense and powerful orgasm. An above average climax might contain two or three good-sized "ropes." Experts advise abstaining from sex for 24-48 hours to build an above average "load" to create a scenario whereby one could, "Toss a Rope." Because of the intensity of the orgasm (and build-up of cum), "ropes" normallly travel greater distances than the average ejaculation-- thereby creating the opportunity to "Toss a Rope.
"I have such a back-up of cum in my balls, I know I'm really gonna toss a rope tonight."

"Man, I came hard! I tossed a rope right across the bridge of her nose!"

"dude... I hadn't fucked my girl in two days... so when I finally fuck'in came, I pulled out and tossed a rope across her belly. There was jizz everywhere!"
by lajonc October 06, 2006

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A person or persons who organize flame or spam wars upon a website that has somehow offended their point of view.

A Click Monkey's ultimate objective is to shut down a site's server(s) by inundating it by quick and repeated log-ons (thereby clicking "enter" and "exit" in such a mindless fashion that "...a monkey could do it."
Man, those "Lost" fans didn't like what that blog said about Evengeline, so they kept flaming it with hits. They totally organized the click monkeys, and shut 'em down!
by lajonc October 10, 2006

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