American actress most "famous" for her role in Beverly Hills, 90210, which she only got because her father is an extremely powerful television producer. She does not appear in any roles anymore and does nothing of significance, however she still manages to stay in the tabloids because of the influence her father had. The magazines comment on her attractiveness, yet it is somewhat of a paradox because no real person actually thinks that.
"Have you ever heard of Tori Spelling?"
"Yeah, she's pretty ugly. What's she famous for again?"
"I don't know. I guess she's famous... for being famous... I guess..."
by John P. Cougar June 09, 2008
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To take a fall at a restaurant injuring yourself
"Last night I was at Golden Corral, tripped and took a Tori Spelling face first into the desserts, ended up with a broken nose"
by Load of Barney October 02, 2017
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