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a tiny town in northern michigan full of interesting people, on the shores of mullett lake. the population is about 500 and includes homeless looking people with few to no teeth that own nice boats and fishing rods. is known as "a small community with a big heart" but if you know the story of the egg man then you know there is no heart at all. topinabee is also home to american chillers author johnathan rand (christopher knight) and the dude who started monster energy. yeah. thats whats up. topinabee is also home to the ever so famous noka cafe that seats about 10 and serves quite delicious breakfast, and the breakers bar and the topinabee market.
person 1: have you ever been to topinabee?
person 2: where the hell is topinabee?
person 1: its a tiny town in northern michigan that you will miss if you blink
person 2: well i probably missed it because i blink a lot.
by nicolepatricia July 09, 2013
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