when a lesbian(masculine)like to be are rather being on top then bottom when having lesbian sex
girl 1: lets have sex
girl 2: ok
girl 1&2: kissing and laughing
girl 1 get on top of girl 2
girl 2: ur like totally toping me
girl 1: u didnt think u was gone to top me
girl 2: im a toper, i like to be on top
girl 1: im a toper to, so now wat
girl 2: i'll just go
by IEISHA August 19, 2006
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Attempting to squeeze out what is thought to be a fart, only to realize that it is just slightly too late to hold it back as poo exits your bum. Only qualifies as "a Toper" if done at work.
Man 1: dude, did you hear that fart Ryan just ripped?

Man 2: yeah it sounded REALLY soggy!
Man 1: bro... I think hes "Pulling a Toper"! I call a wipe test!!
by Workplace dumper July 21, 2009
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