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A fan of the Los Angeles band Tool who takes an elitest mindset of the group, such as dismissing non-fans as "not understanding the music", or claiming detractors to be fans of death metal or black metal music. In forums and online encyclopedias, Tool snobs also deny/downplay the band's notorious influence in the nu-metal genre (according to his personal website, Fred Durst is one of many who claim Tool to be a prominent influence), and also sometimes accuse any comedian of being a rip-off of the late Bill Hicks (who Tool admires.)

TOOL SNOB: "Tool is the most progressive band I have heard in a long time. Yet I never heard of Porcupine Tree, Opeth, or Kotipelto. Are they just the same old death metal bands?"

TOOL SNOB: "You just don't understand their music. Listen to it again. This stuff is deep, like my joint."
by saturn's son July 08, 2006
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This is a person who believes TOOL is the best band in the world and looks down upon any other type of music. Tool snobs especially hate nu metal and emo kids who think their type of music is superior. Tool snobs believe Tool's music is the most complex and thought provoking ever created. Some, though not most, even believe the lead singer is a god.
"Tool is so thought provoking and deep, you would never understand their lyrics..." -A Tool snob to someone who doesn't know Tool.
by Heino January 03, 2006
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