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Means too tired to participate, too worn out.

Originally meant too old to play with the cool kids, from the Chuck Berry song. Lyrics below:

"Casey finally learned to do the hoochie koo
This might have been fine back in '22
Now, I is gonna give you fellows just a little tip
If you wanna keep your girl youse better get hip

"Or, you'll be too pooped to pop, too old a soul
You hips are gettin' weaker when you try to do the stroll
And every time your feet gettin'?to go in one way
Here comes a new dance you'll be left to stray.
Hey, why don't you come out tonight?
Man, I'm just gonna stay in - too pooped to pop.
by feelinMyAge August 23, 2011
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a slogan of the 1980s cartoon characters The Popples, who are also represented in stuffed animal form where they fold into their own pocket in the shape of spheres. When they are too pooped to pop, they are too tired to come out of their spheres.
I ran a marathon today, and now I am too pooped to pop!
by angelafoodcake May 19, 2009
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Too tired to continue what ever is in progress.

From pooped, meaning tired, and pop meaning ejaculate; literally, too tired to have sex. Frequently used by fogies who would be offended if they heard anyone say the literal meaning, because they don't think about what they're saying.
Why'd you stop?

I'm too pooped to pop!
by Downstrike August 17, 2005
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