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This is a tipe of person defined by a small IQ and low knowledge, that speaks a lot of nonsense and always talks even if she is right or not, appropriate or inappropriate. This is kind of people belive that they are always right, even though they don't have a strong argument or a founded reason.
People who are defined by this adjective, are very likely to pick on someone only a little bit more idiot on them, and on a daily baisis mock them, insult them or try to search for their bad attributes. Unfortunately, for most of the tomegea persons being smarter or better than the person they pick one, is a big achievement.
1. She is tomegea.
2. Dannielle can't name 5 capitals, speak about one important year in the history or solve an easy math exercise, but she always has something to say about everything. She's definitely tomegea.
3. Marcus is a stupid person, but he likes to talk a lot of how idiot Dan is. In the last two months he has been quite a tomegea.
by fancygeorge34 April 30, 2020
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