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The guitarist of German pop rock band sensation, Tokio Hotel. He is known for his hip hop fashion & music sense, dread locks, and the baseball caps which seemingly never come off. Tom is the twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, born 10 minutes before Bill on September 1 1989. Despite being identical twins, they have very different styles (nowdays Bill looks very androgynous) and stopped looking the same since they were about seven. Tom can be found making gallant comments about women, or himself (most of which are jokes). But either way, he loves to talk about anything. Most girl fans of the band are divided by which twin they preffer.
Girl1: God, I love Bill from Tokio Hotel, he's so damn sexy!
Girl2: No way! Tom Kaulitz is so friggen hotter!
by NQS August 17, 2007
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Sexy beast, party animal, from German band Tokio Hotel. The most sexy man in the world after his twin brother. Has a perfect six pack, and loves playing his Gibson (guitar). Wears baggy clothes, that every girl want swim in, and never leave.
girl 1 : OMFG,look it's shirtless Tom Kaulitz *heartattack*
girl 2 : I just had an orgasm *nosebleed*
by nosebleed_again December 15, 2008
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The sexy hexy guitarist for the German band Tokio Hotel that won the 2009 MTV EMA award for Best Group.

Famous for his attire, laidback attitude about sex (though he is now on the lookout for love), endless supply of sex jokes, and being ten minutes older than TH's vocalist, Bill Kaulitz. Some of Tom's other claims to fame include singing the harmony at the end of Monsoon (fifty seconds that has lead the TH fanbase to call it the Tom chorus), saying "sexy hexy" in one of the TH TV videos, humping his flying-V during concerts, and slapping one of the veiled TH stalkers while telling her to stay away from him, the band, and the Kaulitz family. He backup sings "raise your hands togetherโ€ in the chorus of Raise Your Hands in both versions, along with Georg Listing.

Despite being a sex-obsessed playboy, Tomโ€™s a pretty cool guitarist--though he doesn't know the first thing about reading music (he taught himself to pick out chords). His fanbase is made up of people who dream that they can change Tom from the luster that he identifies as, to a lover.

He has a lip ring, pierced ears, and wears baggy clothing. He used to have dreadlocks, but now has black cornrows. (Wanksta/wigger.)

TH's latest album Humanoid, has reminded fans that he's super-sexy hexy Tom Kaulitz. Thousands hope to be the one to change him. Change may be on Tom's current agenda, but fame and fortune are definitely at the forefront--he's a star, and he does what he wants.
Lexi: Tom. is. so. sexii hexii.
Razzle: Who?
Razzle: Please don't talk about him.
Razzle: Ew.
by Maerylihn November 07, 2009
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By far the most sexiest German boy on Earth.
He's the guitarist in the band Tokio Hotel. He's only nineteen years old but is still the closest thing to a greek god you could get.
Tom is the older twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, who is the lead singer of their band Tokio Hotel.
He is very loved by Tokio Hotel fans because of his sex appeal.
He is absolutely gorgeous, and indefinable. This description is still inferior to what he really is because he's that great.

Tom Kaulitz is sex.
Charmaine:Tom Kaulitz is a sex God!
Jessica:I still like Bill.
by Charmaine Kaulitz January 12, 2009
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