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The insult that is the end-all to any argument. It is the only possible comeback to the expression, "Your face!" His name must be yelled at maximum volume for full effect.
A: "You know, you're a real douchebag."
A: "Well...shit, I've got nothing."
by Wedge Antilles June 12, 2008
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A stuttering bastard that starts every sentence with the phrase "Ere' right". Finds it hard to get the right words out and most of the time will overthink everything he is saying. Most likely cries himself to sleep most nights cuddling a picture of Arsene Wenger
Tom Harkin: Type Of Person

Mum: "Who's crying upstairs"
Adam: "Who do you think it's obviously Tom"
Mum: "What's he thought about this time"
by BrettPoskett June 20, 2018
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