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Creator and Founder of When you join, he automatically becomes your friend, showing why he has 100+ million friends.
Kid #1: I wonder who created MySpace, whoever did is rich.
Kid #2: It's Tom Anderson! He's livin the dream, look how many friends he has.
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A superior guy who invented MySpace and has an impressive 300,000,000+ friends on his friends list. He is also the first person on my friends list.
Have you ever spoken to Tom Anderson in person before?
by fuckinqueenslander July 11, 2008
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Tom Anderson a interesting man. Tom is a g most of the time bro is so unorganized. He runs Tom Anderson surf camp out of Monmouth Beach NJ. He always be hitting up the bars and stuff and blowing his money in Alantic City. Yea thats it i geuss good for him hes vibing
Tom Anderson Surf Camp
by Notchrisvon January 16, 2022
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