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A grown man with a 'dick' the same size as a toddler's 'dick'. Really small. Really really small. Cocktail weinerish. A guy suffering from toddler dick will usually get real jealous around preschoolers. These men have been with very few women, out of shame. They tend to spend a lot of time with their mother's, because of their inadequacy in the pants. I'm trying to say, their penis is the same size right now, as an adult, as it was when they were toddlers.
Guy) Why did they get divorced?

Girl) He suffers from toddler dick.

Guy) Toddler dick?
Girl) You, know toddler 'dick'. Same size as a toddlers. Their dick never grew up, like Peter Pan.
by Aunty Annihilator December 29, 2011
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