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-extreme over-exaggeration; to describe something and go completely over the top; turning a mole hill into a mountain; telling stories with added information to make them sound more outrageous; total embellishment; an overstatement.
Sheila saw a guy with long hair across the street.

Sheila: "I JUST SAW FABIO!!!!" (seemingly believing herself)

friend: "really?! or did you just toddify that?"
by Philo Beulah August 19, 2011
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The process of making something better. To enhance a process or an idea to make it improved from the original
Let’s take your plan and Toddify it.
Did you Toddify the paint job in that room? It looks much nicer.
That was good, but when you Toddified it, it was so much better!
by Todd Knight June 27, 2020
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