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A handsome guy that Loves helping others out, especially women. anyone who bears Tobehchukwu is likely to be fair in complexion, Average, intelligent (not all), Always happy,Lover boy, they were born to give positive vibes, they always find the woman they want and don't joke with their relationship. A Tobehchukwu share love to people around him. People sometimes hate them for no reason.As a girl, If u ever get to know any Tobehchukwu, try to them him a fvck but tbh they hardly get horny..A Tobehchukwu is likely to be an effective person and might become famous.
Can you be my Tobehchukwu?
Can u behave like Tobehchukwu?
I need a Tobehchukwu to satisfy me.
by Emmanuel khafa September 20, 2019
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