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Adjective ~ Pronounced "Cha-cha-ra-ch"

1. To be over-eager and excitable in an annoying manner.

2. Behaving in an over-excited, over-zealous, hyper manner...normally said just before you get kicked out the room
3. Behavior that could possibly result in one being touched on on'es studio
A journalist of the BBC was being "tjatjarag" when he raised the subject of ANC youth league leader's residence in a forum that was meant to address the ANC youth leagues trip to Zimbabwe. The journalist's tjatjarag behavior resulted in him getting kicked out of the room.

The journalist was being tjatjarag to keep interjecting with stupid comments while the Youth League president was making his speech, rather than waiting for question and answer time like a civilized human being.
by Nkosinathi Du Preez April 08, 2010
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1. A word meaning over-talkative. Often used to refer to journalists by politicians, or vice-versa. Also used by protesters to refer to government's that keep talking but never deliver.
Example 1: Julius Malema's nogal tjatjarag lately, hey?

Example 2: The NPA is being tjatjarag. We want less yada yada, more ching ching (as used by a protesting public prosecuter).
by Life in General November 24, 2010
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