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Titzophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what are real and not real tits; Think clearly about tits; Have normal emotional responses towards tits; Act normally in social situations pertaining to tits. Persons with titzophrenia may have problems with thinking, emotions, or behavior such as: bizarre behaviors, seeing tits that aren't real (hallucinations), thoughts that "jump" between different tits (loose associations), problems paying attention to things other than tits, or strongly held thoughts about tits that are not real (delusions).

Titzophrenia is a life-long illness with no curative treatment.

Titzophrenia cannot be prevented.

Childhood titzophrenia is rare.
Some people have suggested that titzophrenia might be made worse, or even caused by, an abnormal sensitivity to women.
by 2stainz May 03, 2013
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