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Cleavage; the gap between the breasts of women commonly referred to as the 'fourth' hole available for a males sexual pleasure.
"Christ woman, I want to do your tithole."

"My tithole itches."

"Anne, shove it up your tithole"

"Martin's moobs are so large he has a tithole any player would love."
by Anne Whoo and Hairy Martin October 20, 2011
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The thing nobody wants to be;
a tit-hole is literally a word to describe the douchebags and players at your school. There is a guide to tell how big of a tithole one is, each category gets a certain number of points, and the more points you have the more of a tithole you are. Maximum number of points is 100.
- Tool (5 points)
- Douchebag (10 points)
- Manwhore (15 points)
- Jock/Prep (10 points)
- Dipshit (10 points)
- Fuckhead (20 points)
- Creeper (5 points)
- Sex Addict (15 points)
- Pimp (10 points)
- Justin Beiber (4026 points)

So check off all the categories that fit the person being evaluated, add up the points, and you have your Tithole score.
Matt Lutz is a tithole, he fits every category of the tithole classification guide.
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