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1. Derogatory name for a girl defined by her large natural breasts and slutty behavior. She often refers to them as "the twins", habitually works her freakish bra size into casual conversation, and has perfected the art of complaining about the size of her chest while simultaneously bragging about it and making it the center of attention. Feeds on the stares of men like some kind of vampire. So-named because her boobs look like a cow's udders, and because she lets men use her body like that of a pleasure-giving barnyard animal. Has been titfucked so many times that an actual pearl necklace has formed around her neck.
2. Nickname given to the actress Christina Hendricks by the web community 4chan.
Check out that titcow's cleavage.
That's what she wants. Don't stare and out of neglect she'll probably ask you to stick your cock in it and jizz down her tummy.
by JasperDee August 18, 2010
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