Having someone cum onto your ass, and ass-hole wile receiving a rim job.
Last night jens mom got her tire shined while getting a rim job.
by @nooneuneedtoknow@ March 30, 2008
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While fucking doggy-style, spit on her asshole, pull out and smear it with your cock.
Nothing turns your mom on quite like a Polish Tire Shine.
by Zombie_Bonfire November 11, 2009
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When some asshole in his Maserati, Benz, Porsche, etc. from New York parks too close to your dirty pickup truck, so you bless his new Pirellis with about 14 ounces of used Miller light straight out of your wang.
Damn, Roger really blessed that asshole in the Maser with a fresh RHODE ISLAND TIRE SHINE!!

But Matty slayed that Benz at the country club the other day with a fresh RI tire shine

Morgan really shined up that Maybach last night…homey got straight blessed with that tire shine!!
by MIZZLER May 5, 2022
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