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First letters of Big'ol Titties, to form Tigg'ol Bitties.
You did you see that ho with thme tiggol bitties?
by ab123 October 13, 2006
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it comes from the latin words "huge titts"
it means : big ass titys
damm greg, look at those fine ass titys!
by Ben B February 28, 2005
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The words Big 'Ol Titties flipped around in a latin sense to sound decisive, like Nucking Futs = Fucking Nuts. These words or this saying is used to describe a female with enormous breasts, usually 34C's and above.
"Damn did u see that jail bait ovar thurr?" Exclaimed Ammoseller "No", replied David Hasselhoff. "Well she had some TIGG OL BITTIES!!!", Ammoseller replies decisively. /nut busts.

or just straightforward:

(big titties spotted) "OH DAYUM TIGG OL BITTIEZ!!1!"
by Ammoseller February 10, 2008
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the opposite of bigg ol tittys but is better used to confuse a women
DAMN!!!!! lokk at the tigg ol bittys on that vaginal air biscuit
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Tigglebittys A female who's got large breastsbreast of female
TiggolbittysWhen someone says wow look at them big old tittys
by Cassie2Me April 23, 2016
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