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"Tiger Bait" is the chant that LSU fans scream at their opponents, typically directed at the opponents' fans moreso than the opponent
While walking along Bourbon Street on the eve of the Sugar Bowl, LSU fans shouted "Tiger Bait!" at the Illinois fans.
by jimmylake1 July 11, 2006
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Organized heckling used by Louisiana State University fans against rival audiences. If an LSU fan sees somebody in rival colors, they immediately point and start shouting, "TIGERBAIT!" Gradually the chant will become picked up by a small crowd, and it dies quickly. Common practice during tailgating. It's quite humiliating for the person being shouted at, and very funny if they have no idea what tigerbait is.
Auburn fans had no fucking clue what tigerbait was, so the LSU students ridiculed them tirelessly.
by Karen (Geaux Tigers) October 22, 2005
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An expression used by inbred Cajuns meaning "Damn my sister looks good tonight. I'd really like to get me some of that!" Very difficult to prounounce correctly with front teeth.
You seed the tube-top an shrimp boots my sister got on tonight? Tiger Bait!
by lsu seaux July 13, 2006
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