Tiger style is a mystical form of kung-fu first made popular by the Wu-Tang Clan. Tiger style is so ridiculously badass that even if you are less of a fighter than your opponent, you'll beat his ass beyond recognition.
Basically, when you roll tiger style, you make everyone your bitch.
by ctp February 16, 2006
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a type of shaolin kung fu that is totally bad ass. It is based on the tiger in that it involves extremely powerful, explosive punches and kicks to totally tron the enemy. In tiger style kung fu there are no evasion or blocking techiniques, because those would make the fighting tedious. There are only explosive moves which will end the fight in the quickest easiest way.
In other words if you role tiger stlye than you have enought dominating tronning power to own everyone. Even if you are less of a fighter than your enemy, Tiger style is so badass that you will certainly make him your bitch.
by white foolio November 03, 2004
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When you have sex with your wife and pass along all the STDs you've caught from your affairs, a la Tiger Woods.
Husband, to wife: "Want to do it Tiger-style tonight?"
Wife: "What is that? Like doggie-style?"
Husband: "No -- we have sex and you catch all the diseases my cocktail waitress girlfriend gave me last month."
by KevinMF January 05, 2010
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