tif: an acronym for "this is fucked"
guy 1: would you like some squids eye?
guy 2: tif
by bbhoney March 17, 2007
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1, this is fucked
2, Tax increment financing
3, A image extension,
RGB - 24 or 48 bits,
Grayscale - 8 or 16 bits,
Indexed color - 1 to 8 bits,
Line Art (bilevel)- 1 bit
1, Man... my pizza is all cold... tif
2, Damn i hate those TIFs
3, Johnson: hey look at this image!
Jackson: save it as a jpeg pl0x!
by SirPinguin April 14, 2008
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someone who is hot/sexy/fit
god,he is damn tif!
tom is one tif
by shellay October 15, 2007
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To be irritated or pissed off. Similar to a tiff, which is a fight or spat between two people.
He was tiffed after he got owned in basketball yesterday.

"You're just tiffed because I got an A and you copied me and got a B"
by MeghPala March 12, 2007
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in the application superheroes on facebook. when you receive enormous amounts of attacks from one person (usually Tiff) in one sitting.... 100+ pages
It is gonna take me days to get through this T-bomb. Man I was Tiffed good!
"Bizzarro-ette tiffed the crap out of Comandermeatpuppet, he was still answering the attacks 2 days later.
by Commander Meatpuppet December 24, 2008
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Short for titty fucking, used by me because I think titty fucking sounds too harsh to describe something that involves something as wonderful as breasts.
by elena April 7, 2005
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A toxic person who denies everything that someone confronted her about but still continues to talk shit about others.

Also could be a person who has problems with her friends because of their attitude and judgementalism and enters another friend group without the others being fine with it and thinking she owns the place.
Sometimes a "if" would cry for no reason because she is emBARRASSED about admitting the truth
Dont be a Tif
Stop acting like a tif ,ew
by someone who dont like Tif October 18, 2020
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