1, this is fucked
2, Tax increment financing
3, A image extension,
RGB - 24 or 48 bits,
Grayscale - 8 or 16 bits,
Indexed color - 1 to 8 bits,
Line Art (bilevel)- 1 bit
1, Man... my pizza is all cold... tif
2, Damn i hate those TIFs
3, Johnson: hey look at this image!
Jackson: save it as a jpeg pl0x!
by SirPinguin April 14, 2008
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TIF an acronym for "Tits in Face"
Person 1: I meet this girl and the bar and she TIFed me.
Person 2: she what ?
Person 1: see put her tits in my face.
Person 2: nice.

Person: let go to the the bar and get some TIF.
Guys: yea
by killerrock April 20, 2018
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the craziest girl i know. she's smart, random as mess, and pretty. and my best friend. she'll jump in a fight at any time, and she wont hesistate to beat someone with a batone. she always speaks her mind and wont hesistate to tell you all bout yourself either.
*tif*: hold up now, you do you think YOU are to walk away from me. i dont think so!!
by texasgirl:) April 02, 2011
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