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Star Wars battle ship used by the empire to engage the rebellion fleet. Is a one pilot ship. Its fuel cells are feeded by light energy that is the result of space waste.
TIE FIGHTER means Twin Ion Engine Fighter, and is bulit by Sienar Fleet Systems.
by Maximiliano Migues November 15, 2007
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The tie fighter is a space ship used by the galactic empire
to attack the rebellion and anyone who decide to raise against the empire. Is capable to get the speed of light.
Is equiped with laser guns.

This ship is used in Star Wars.
Luke! you've got a tie fighter on your tale
by Ingles November 05, 2007
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Tie Fighters were the galactic empire standard starfighters. They were most recognizable by their Infamous screech

-T.I.E Fighter
by Imperial Grand Moff Tarkin February 06, 2017
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