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The state of one's back (or front) deck, when it has been put together under flawless attention to detail. Used to describe one's deck as spotless, or in the image of perfection. It is also commonly used as a standard term of deck cleanliness, and can be used in a derogatory manner when referring to the quality of which other decks fail to meet. tidy deck is also synonymous with dece deck.
(regarding a freshly built tidy deck)
Client: hey man, did your one make this here deck?
Tidy Decker: indeed i did.
Client: WOW. that's a tidy deck if i've ever seen one! how'd you do it?
Tidy Decker: aw you know, just a bit of dece deck supplies and some dece KB's one and Sawatzky's. nothing too out of the ordinary.
Client: I am well pleased.

(neighbours see the backyard deck of a huldamon)

what a shame. looks lousy. shoulda got a tidy deck.
by straightmate June 21, 2010
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