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Tia Turner is a girl who is very shy and cautious of her actions, though she can be a little violent or controlling when needed to be. She is usually the mom friend of her squad and can be dominant and loud when she's comfortable with her surroundings. She is quite intelligent and everyone says she's beautiful but she's never quite too sure for herself and so she never boasts. She likes to mess with boys' heads and sometimes even flirt but when she's in a relationship her boyfriend is her main priority and she's constantly afraid of loosing him. If you ever meet a Tia Turner then you had better become friends with her as she is kind and friendly unless you get on her bad side.
Friend 1: Tia Turner is such a nice person I hope we're friends for a long time
Enemy: You don't wanna be friends with her she's a horrible person and always very sarcastic
Friend 2: She is controlling but fair, almost like mom
by TadpolePenguin5 January 24, 2017
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