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The perfect friend. She is wise and loyal, caring and determine, lazy but active and has an obsession over being a queen. She tries her best and hates to disappoint people. She has a funky sense of style but it is unique and something that only she can pull off. She's always tired, taking naps within the day but at night she can never fall asleep. She is the kind of person who you could go to for advice or if you just want to be proved wrong without doing it yourself. She puts family before anyone. She makes sure that the well being of her family is met before anything else is. She is shy and quiet but as soon as you really get to know her shes sassy and talkative. She has a strong belief of religion and believes that there is good luck or bad luck and that there is such thing as Karma. Her goal in life is to help others and make the world an overall better place. She is well loved by everyone that she meets, though she may not believe it. She is beautiful, determined, caring and loyal and doesn't usually care about what others think. She is her own person and always will be.
Wow that girl must be a Thusikha, she's got it going on
by ThatGirlYouDontKnow August 30, 2014
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