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Invented by a rather sweet kid named Adam, who now will be remembered as that kid who invented this obnoxious way to sexually harress peers. "Throwing a frank" has gone viral in a small Harlem high school . Throwing a frank consists of identifying a target. Usually the most whiny dramatic kid in class. Then waiting for the teacher to turn their back, then blowing a kiss and tossing it to them. This implies "suck my dick". The immature teenagers pretend to be upset and offended to disrupt a class; or catch the "frank" and make suggestive sucking grestures. Other teenagers ignore the gesture because they have better things to do.
Student whining: Misssss did you see what he did.
Teacher: I don't care.

Student: .....but he threw a frank at me!!!!! Don't you know that that means?
Teacher: It means your going to be several IQ points dumber if you don't go back to work.

Teacher then goes on urban dictionary to define "throwing a frank."
by Get back to work June 10, 2017
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