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The heart pounding excitement and loin draining satisfaction one gets when reading an epic chapter from George RR Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" or watching your favorite scene come to life in HBO's "Game of Thrones" TV series.
"Did you catch the new trailer with the Red Viper?"
"I did. Best scene in the entire book series! Had a thronegasm!"

"Did you get to the Astapor chapter yet"?
"Oh yeah. I had multiple thronegasms. Sploosh!"
by snackD January 10, 2014
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the overwhelming gratification one has when watching HBO's Game of Thrones, that may or may not involve a physical discharge.
"Hey, did you see last week's Game of Thrones?"

"Yeah, it was so good I had a thronegasm."
by thelowburn May 20, 2012
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