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a word coined for the scar left behind after a tracheotomy which resembles a sideways vagina.
Man, I'm getting stiff just looking at Bertha's throatgina.
by black taco superstarZZZZ February 04, 2010
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1. The term used when, in the process of dissecting a fetal pig, you realize the throat resembles a vagina
2. (Musical Theatre) When you attempt to hit a high note that is out of your vocal range
“Whoa, Cheryl, your voice cracked on that one high note in the chorus”
“Yeah, I came down with a bad case of throatgina
“What features did you notice during our class pig dissection?”
“Well, Chad and I observed the larynx, located in the throatgina”
by Yote the toast December 10, 2018
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