A term coined from a movie made up by Michael Scott in "The Office". First appeared in the episode "The Client" in season two, and has since been referenced many times by the show and its many blogs and fansites. The movie is an action/thriller which follows Agent Michael Scarn through his many adventures. Characters also include Catherine Zeta Jones and Samuel L.Chang.
M: We are at threat level midnight people, Jan wants to get back together with me.
by Sue Pirnova May 15, 2008
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May refer to the episode of the tv show The Office of the same name or the song by the band Neck Deep. In the case of The Office, it refers to a movie one of the main characters writes. In the Neck Deep song it is believed to reference that episode of The Office but is also belived to describe and urgent situation, in the song's case one involving a relationship or love.
"It was Threat Level Midnight once he found out about her."
by SloppyToppy May 25, 2016
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