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this is a weapon/or person used/called by the thot slayers to destroy the worst thots they ever faced. one person who now owns it is Patrick star
we need the thot destroyers
by killerman300078 January 16, 2018
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Read this to know what these are:
These are the heroes and god and (rarely) goddess they get rid of those nasty things we call people they destroy the thots

Read this to know how to become a thot destroyer:
You have to call out 3 hoe like figures in your work /school /home/ life

And you have to eather scream be gone thot in there face or take a photo of the thot and send it to a thot destroyer or you snapchat or instagram story (not your Facebook story nobody used those and Facebook is for family)

And you have to title the post a thot has been spotted take em down take em down and post it and if you do this to three separate thots you will become start on the thot destroyer
They are in gangs

The thot patrol

The thot police

There’s more
Here are the levels
Read this to know the levels and powers:
Level one

Thot destroyer

You can fight thot

Level two

Thot be goner
You can evaporate thots

Level three
Banish thots with a snap of a finger
Level four

Deleterious of heart breaker

You can delete the thots that break the hearts of the men who didn’t know they were being cheated on

Level five

The thot whisper

You can make a thot listen to you and follow your commands easier

Level six
The aid destroyer

You can rid all the aid or anything so as in crabs or warts or whatever from any body that a thot gave it to them

Level seven

The gardener of the hoes

You can bury a thot with a actual hoe the gardening tool with some be gone thot spray
Level eight

Thot destroyer legend

You can cast magic from the thot gods and make thot destroyer magic easier to use and quicker

Level nine

Wizard of deleting thots

You are now a master of thot destroyer magic
Level ten

(Aka master of thot destroyer)
You are the most powerful thot destroyer of them all thot Crumble at your feet and will listen to anything you say you have unlocked at power and thots can’t teleport near your location you are a god or (rarely) goddess and you have destroyed the unknown Thotimusprime in her nature high power state you are the 🅱️OI 👏🏼👏🏼😎😎
by M E M E L O R D June 16, 2018
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