author - have to write bloody essays on him
the withered arm and other wessex tales - uch no
by hiya March 14, 2005
Hardy was a poet and novelist who admired keats, Bryon and shelly. Was concidered a romantic, modernist and victorian poet. Held agnostic and or athiest themes in his work, belifed in a vengful God however couldn't understand the need for God in the natural world it just made no sence to him. Was also into incestual love with his very much younger cousin, ignored his wife until he realised she died got all guilty and wrote some of his best poems when in mourning for her. He never concidered himself a poet until he was about 60 yrs old. An ugly guy who seemed to attracted a large amount of ladies. Born in dorset resented the industrial rev
Thoughts of phrena-a poem about his perfect women and his dead cousin.
by Magda Goebbels May 1, 2005
If you are looking up Thomas Hardy on, you are a dumb ass and need to find a real educational website.
Thomas Hardy was a poet.
by RapDiedIn1996 January 31, 2008