thewology is the study of referring to the later half of the noun in refrence to that, rather than the leading half, in words with commonly used frontal nickname. It all started back in the days when civil right was becoming a big issue. Everybody wanted equal right reguardless of there race, relegion, sex, ect... but that wasnt enough for us, we felt sorry for the nicknames the poor second parts that where being neglected. It simply wasnt right thous bringing on the practice of thewology to use todat. we strongly hope that people all over the world will begin this practice, and annihilate all the rejection and mistreatment which exist in our socity today. We are not asking you to elimanate the first parts of words, but please, please consider the sencod parts feeling in this name calling sananagans!
if my first name where matthew..then my thewology name would be thewmatt
by somebody important January 10, 2008
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