A place, that, once entered, cannot be exited. It is an anomaly that can only be explained by vague expressions and questions.
"Sometimes, I wonder when I'm gonna get T H E R E. You know, that place that you can go to, but don't have to, and sometimes you want to go HERE instead of THERE."
It's a place where sometimes your soul wanders in, and you can tell when you're T H E R E by how gummy worms taste when you're T H E R E . In fact, arguably the only way to know if you're T H E R E or not is if you have an entire bag of jelly worms.

It's very important that you learn if you're T H E R E or H E R E, because it CAN AND WILL be a matter of LIFE and MEMES.
"I want to go T H E R E", "THERE is a great place." "Let me tell you, we're gonna make T H E R E great again."
by The T H E R E Wizard July 17, 2016
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1.A virtual world full of Drama with Drama Queens and Kings whom Pathetically make up stories to Stir up shit.
2. A Virtual world that the staff treats you like crap and likes to dump on you every chance they get.
1. OMG I saw you man in a tub with a girl over there!!
2. You the Customer do not pay my Salary the corperate contracts do.
by ThePhenomTaker August 26, 2008
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Boy: omg, this is way to hard

Girl: don't worry, you'll get there!
by mdawg580282 January 02, 2012
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This word is used to win a competition and is also a mistake when typing there
Ther e is the pen
by LILGU December 23, 2018
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