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Thengpro is a Newgrounds Gold account used in the BBS. Most posts made by this user were spam, including a story about how he was obsessed with his friend's penis, and he eventually earned himself a 30-day ban. Once free, he made the thread that made him (in)famous.

The thread was titled "Check Me Out guys" and he began by writing "lolz this me im a kool kid and soon to be teh kind of the bbs, you can photoshop my sexay self up any time u guyz want. Background info bout me: Im kool,ladiez man, and sexay, and i got a ds and psp u can see(I OWN U ALL LOL) so dont mess wit me and will get along on da bbs k? Im bak after a 30 day ban and i like u 2 all c the real me so i can get a fresh start."Underneath this was a picture of himself. It showed a grotesquely obese teenager holding a PSP and a DS.

The first response he recieved was "if i had a syringe with AIDS on it, i'd stab you;

many, many times..." He recieved massive amounts of insults very quickly, the most popular being "Fatass" and "Idiot".

Thengpro's responses to the insults included "Shut up im a ladiez man dumass", "Fuck you loser, why dont you go jack off to anime nerd boy.", "You jackasses can't accept how cool I am.", "STFU you assholes, you're just jealous that I have a psp and a ds and you don't. Stop insulting me or I'll tell Wade(Site Administrator).", and "You are all gay nerds with no life. WHEN I BECOME ADMIN IM BANNIN ALL OF U. UR JUST JEALOUS OF MY PSP AND DS AND MY COMPUTER AND ILL OWN U IN COUNTER STRIKE"

After this, he said something absolutely pathetic. "Guys fuck you all. You fucking made me cry YES CRY! Im not even joking. Im fucking leaving the BBS for ever you ass holes. Im fucking also telling my dad to report this site to the police for threats made against me and verbal abuse you can all go to jail. FUCK THE BBS!"

Then his "Father" came and told us, in poor grammar, that we should all be ashamed of ourselves and that he wants to take us to court. Nobody actually took him seriously and then many started to insult the claimed father. He came back after some posts and told us that he is still pissed off at us and he had terrible grammar because he was so angry while he was typing. This was the last post on this thread from thengpro, at page 4.

In the end, the topic was 11 pages long when it was locked for some reason. Up to the time this definition is being posted, there have been 3,480 views of the thread and 301 replies as a total.

The thread will live on in the history of the BBS as one of the greatest threads of all time.

Thengpro will be forever remembered as a fat dumbass who told his dad the people on the internet were mean to him.
Thengpro is going to get his dad!

Thengpro is so sexay.

Thengpro has feelings that can be hurt.

Thengpro can't eat with his hands full.

Thengpro checks out your penis in the shower.
by Pie Eating Pizza February 22, 2006
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