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the koolest kat ever (with a k). a theide is always nice, funny, and prepared, even in situations that catch her off guard. she is drop-dead gorgeous and has the best style. she is talented and guys love her, even though she doesnt know it. and best of all? her friends are always there for her because she has always been there for them. a theide is just so cool no one can handle it. most scientists think they should name the fear of not being as cool as a theide. they will call it, "theideitis".
crab: hey, that theide is so cool!
tree: yeah totally!
theide: hey guys, whats up?
crab and tree: ahhh! we will never be as cool as you!!!
*go to the doctor*
doctor: yes, im afraid you have theideitis.
*dramatic music here*
by crabtheidetree October 27, 2013
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