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Theftpos is the ridiculous practice observed by many businesses that requires a minimum purchase (usually ten or twenty dollars) before you can pay via eftpos.

Theftpos can also refer to any additional charge or surcharge levelled at a customer for using eftpos.

Although theftpos is referred to by the merchant as a "store policy" it is in fact a price gouge applied to people born after 1930 who don't carry cash with them everywhere.
Theftpos at work:

cashier: that'll be thirty cents.
customer: can I eftpos that?
cashier: no, the minimum purchase is twenty dollars.
customer: ...are you serious?
cashier: yes, it's store policy.
customer: god dammit, I should be able to buy gum on eftpos! This is America!
cashier: no, it's Australia
by kittridge January 22, 2011
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