The8/Xu Minghao part of south korean boy group seventeen. He is also amazing
by Imbritishsoidontcare March 29, 2018
The most fashionable and talented person in this earth planet which belongs to the boy group called Seventeen
person: do you know the8
you: yes, he's god
by sehunsnose January 27, 2021
The8lvr is a very underrated tiktok creator. They post various of content such as opinions on serious topics involving kpop and global problems, literally having beef with mutliple people and putting them in their place (if you're in a rgument with the8lvr, you're in realy trouble...) I'm telling you, They're really funny and an amazing person but if they get mad they get MAD MAD (Virgo behaviour ig)
So.... Do you like The8 lvr? of course I do! I'm a true Hoshi Replica!
by The8lvrshusband September 5, 2021
- Member of Seventeen

- An art in human form
Xu Minghao/ THE8 is indeed talented.
by ms.pastel December 23, 2020
Everyone loves the8 or minghao or whatever u call him. He is the most good looking man in the WHOLE WORLD U HEAR ME.
“The8 stayed this comeback
by rikidenfender August 7, 2022