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The best RPG. Ever. Hands down. Kind of. There's Miri, who is the immature but awesome leader, Charlotte, who gets offended easily but everyone seriously loves her and who enjoys black things, Lily, who makes everyone giggle and giggles a lot herself and is just so sweet, Ginny and Harriet, the best ships ever, Jo, who fully supports Jamy, Mollie, who has been revived and has been missed greatly, Charlie, a quality RPer who is somehow capable of managing many characters, Lauren, who has some of the best jokes, Gail and Rhe and Sam who all make everyone smile, as well as Cassidy and Rhiannon and Amanda and Maddi and Marielle and Linda and Ilana and Vivi and Maura and Liz and Maddie and Elenor and Kathryn and Cee and Kristen and Rose and Frederico and Darcy and Paula and Sierra and Ria and Audrey and Jenna and anyone I may have missed are all awesome, amazing people.
The-Next-Generation role play may be extremely immature at times, but it's by far the best RP blog on Tumblr.
by iluvyouguysxox October 14, 2011
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