Dropping your ice cream on the very same day your lover broke it off and simultaneously spread rumors about how you failed your English/math/science test. Your friends now reject you because you made the mistake of ignoring them during your relationship. Also, the empty hopelessness that you will never be good enough, or maybe just the emptiness all together. And the pain of longing, maybe for some one or for somewhere, the pain of not belonging, and the pain of being let down by someone you thought had cared. The grief of loosing, the regret of never doing, the status of a world that is falling to pieces in ways where it cannot be helped. Anger towards anything, anger from someone to you, guilt. the way someone else might make you feel small, because society is dumb and standards are high. And finally, inevitable death of you, and the time after because one day you wont be remembered, or loved.
"whats the worst feeling in the world?" "well, can it really be summed up?"
by comatea May 9, 2016
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